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Only In Individuals

Helping Others To Succeed

"Success comes in many forms."
A few ways to always be surrounded by success is to create an environment of success. Helping others is another way to become successful. You might not end up with superpowers by doing charity work, but you could save some lives. is our goal of creating a community to help others as reports come in that the economic struggles of many households are on the rise.

Following our Passion

You're probably wondering "Who are these folks?" (Yes, we are southern!) We are no one special. We simply aim to help others in these chaotic times. If you need more information than that, we are professionals with over 25yrs of training & experience in managing large retail chains and financial & educational institutions just to name a few.

Our Happy Place ( and other brands) are our 2021 "because of covid" side hustle. We have personally owned and managed business class hosting accounts since 2007 with no complete website or working business plan. That's a lot of money in hosting fees that have never been used. You can say we always knew we needed the accounts, we just never had the need of one. Until one day we had a crazy thought.

With so many people unemployed or needing help nowadays, why not pool our resources together and help where we can.

Not Your Average Digital Marketing Plan

A Long Hard Look At Success

Imagine a member that is a college student in our program working on their plan for the next 4-6yrs. In this time, there will be no stress from having to cancel & start all over. This includes the lack of stress from trying to learn a whole new skill set on top of their studies. Our goal is to provide resources that will lead to better academics & help prevent the hiatus many students take with the aid of community support.

You can read below how our programs help raise capital, guide members to complete their policies & procedures, regular updates garnishes followers & supporters, and so much more we can’t cover here. After graduation, this member should have their practice blueprint & business plan completed or has become a public interest.

Student & Business Aid

A start up for Start-Ups

Here is a brief description of what we meant by pooling our resources together. We understand that success is a relative term which various from individual to individual, but as a start up, we have to focus on what we can logically handle in this current stage. We will be integrating other resources as data and processes becomes more available.

Free Hosting

So you’re a creative individual and you want to get the word out. We admire that! We provide free hosting so you can continue to do what you love just a bit more with the extra saved money. We have Managed VPS Servers so this is one monthly bill you don’t have to stress about.

Free WordPress Website Install

Have you NOT seen all the Multi-Million dollar companies on the list of companies that use WordPress? Come on?!. Jay-Z is on the list. It’s hard to argue that WordPress isn’t worth the investment. Especially when it’s FREE free! As long as you own your domain we will provide you a FREE premium theme. Labor & customization is on you however, but there will always be support to help where needed.

Experience & Training

No one likes to walk alone. Except those quiet times when it’s nice to be alone. Beside that, we all can use a hand at times or an encouraging word when barriers arise with many life issues. provides support as well as community support which is a club requirement. After all, helping other is the foundation of services.


Work at Home customer Support
Coming Summer 2021

We're just finalizing some paperwork and trying to figure out how to create a reimbursement program for individuals that have to buy their own equipment.

Let's be honest, no one should have to pay to work for someone else.


No! No one really cares about your logo at this point. They are more interested in who you are? What do you have to offer? How is this really helping me? Just a few questions consumers want to know before they want to spend the time to let you state your cause.

Processes of Success

No two business plans are alike, but every business plan has basic similar processes. Think of a business plan generator. They all have the basic fundamental fields to fill in with small tweaks depending on the quality of the generator.



No! No one really cares about your logo at this point. They are more interested in who you are? What do you have to offer? How is this really helping me? Just a few questions consumers want to know before they want to spend the time to let you state your cause.


Market Placement vs Value

So are we balling on a budget here or do you have a warehouse of stuff you need to off load? You really need to be in tuned with where in the market you are and the cost & benefits (or losses) you can expect at this point.


Marginal Sales & Marketing

Starting capital is the pot of gold every entrepreneur hunts for. Well, we don't have a pot of gold, but we can help you with marketing & advertising to gain traction, start earning profits, and garnishing the attention of potential supporters.



At this stage you should be more confident in your craft to wanna up your game and incorporate your business. This now means you can open business accounts, obtain contracts, and grant you did not qualify for previously.


Legal & Aquisitions

In the past, this would traditionally be the step of sorting stocks, getting a product in stores, etc. With technological advancements and global crisis, let's weigh your brand against all options to see what the best fit is.




Yes, we aim to be helpful where we can, but we are limiting some services to those that are just starting out. If you have plans and processes that are producing capital, we encourage you to join and support those that are looking up to you.

Many of our services are FREE free. No credit card will ever be needed to upgrade, add on, or WhatsItWhosIt as long as you fall under and complete the program requirements. Now creating and running a business does have its own expense we will not be liable for, so you will have out of pocket at some point. Don’t worry?!. We’re here to help make sure you those costs are at a minimum.

We apologize if you’re getting tired of the word “simple”, but we designed the program to need minimal “Extra” effort. Running a business is hard enough without us adding more duties. Program requirements are submitting actions like, “updating followers, socializing with other members, posting ads, etc.”

Just like our fundamental services, reseller accounts which many freelancers use and add a mark-up, we are using to provide significant discounts to members instead. Our clubCred is an emerging program where members can exchange clubCredits for…

…well we are still working the kinks out of this program and prefer not to make promises that are not possible in the future so stay tuned for updates.

Anyone can join, socialize, and support the community and its members. However, services are currently only available to students, start-ups, and small business owners.


Our requirements for our FREE services is a rather simple one. We just require “that you work on your craft” and keep us updated in some regards. With all of our experience, we have worked with many Wantrepreneurs and we value our time too much to put in this uniquely amount of effort in for individuals not to put “Their” plan into action which hinders those that really need it.

We are growing with each new member and as more community data comes in. Currently, we have a number of small business & digital marketing solutions to include support on many topics that are not readily available or known that members can contact us on.

We’ve had accounts with GoDaddy, Bluehost, Innmotion, and so many others just laying around for years. Then one day the light bulb went off.
“What if we pooled our resources & knowledge together to help others?”
…and here we are.

A simple answer, only in the form of a question.
“What will happen if a creator or business owner does not work their business plan?”
We understand life happens more than most, however. If you are unable to complete tasks we will have to cancel the free services and allow you to migrate your account to a more suitable solution.

We have processes in place where members earn points (aka “clubCred”) for actions like signing in, submitting forms, socializing with others, etc. Currently, we do not have a set deadline as we are currently collecting data, but are planning to hold members to the traditional 90 day default period.

Ideally, we know how things should work, however. We are acknowledging that this is not a perfect world and many plans have hiccups and barriers to overcome